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Steve Montgomery

A passionate outdoor enthusiast with years of hiking, biking, climbing and river running. After many years in the medical world, Steve has shifted his focus to pursue his passion of furniture design and craftsmanship.

The Furniture

Solidly constructed from doug fir or wood of your choice; no screws or fasteners; glued up using mortise and tenon construction; precisely cut holes ensuring a tight, even weave; legs are available with a unique through weave pattern.  Drilling of holes and weaving is very time consuming; each piece takes roughly 12 hours of work to complete.

Each piece is an individual; no two are alike (unless made as a set); much is determined by rope availability, color, and length available.  (Note:  Used climbing ropes may have color and wear variations; authentic signs of real world use)

These pieces have a unique style and construction method not available elsewhere; no one else is doing this.

The furniture evokes the rugged feel of mountains and outdoor sports and can provide color and outdoor sport authenticity to a lodge, cabin , or home.  The furniture itself, consists of not only a beautiful wood frame, but also can showcase the wide variety of weaving patterns and color combinations found in modern climbing ropes.

Custom pieces and commissions are encouraged; if you have an idea, I love a design challenge.

Provide your own rope and repurpose and memorialize a trusty item that carries good memories and mojo.